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Reprint Rights ... Resale Rights ... Resell Rights ... whatever you like to call them, they make a ton of people a LOT of money - online and offline.

BUT - reprint rights do have shortcomings:

  1. 99% of the time, they're usually not customizable with your details. You have to sell them on exactly as you receive them.

    This of course benefits the author more than it benefits you.

  2. The rights that come with products can often be harsh. Many specify that you "Can't sell the product on eBay" for example, and often the product creator is fanatical about chasing people he sees breaking those rights. It's not pretty.

  3. You're also selling the same product that everyone else who has the rights is. This makes you a "Me Too" website instead of a "Me Only" website.


Beyond Reprint Rights ...

The solution to the three limitations of reprint rights is Source Rights, also known as Private Label Rights. Let me explain exactly what Source Rights are ...

Take this example:

Think of an eBook. Let's say it's in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. And let's say that PDF is made up of 16,548 words and 17 individual graphics.

If you just had reprint rights to the eBook, you would have to sell it and pass it on in exactly the format you received it.

However - if you had Source Rights to the eBook, you'd be given ALL the text and graphics that make up the product, AND the right to do pretty much whatever you want with them. Specifically:

  • You get all 17 graphics in the very highest picture quality so you can convert them to different formats if you like, even edit them ... it's totally up to you ... and use them as you wish.

  • You also get all of the 16,548 words as text that you can copy, paste, edit, chop into segments ... whatever you like ... and you get them all in HTML format and in Microsoft Word format, so you can work with them however you feel happiest.


This Ain't No "1,000 Report CD"

If you've been online for a while, chances are you already have some Source Rights...

Remember those CD's or downloadable bundles with "1,000 Reports You Can Do Whatever You Want With"?

Well, let's be frank ... 99% of those reports are absolutely worthless, because:

  • Their information is out of date.

  • You rarely know who the author is so there's no credibility about the information presented.

  • You don't even know if the information is correct. It could have been written very poorly.

The Source Rights you get from this site are streets ahead of those tired reports:

  • The information is very high quality.

  • You get Source Rights to audio which makes a great addition to any product or website.

  • And very importantly: these Source Rights are all from popular products that customers absolutely love.


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